About Miracle Glaze

Providing solutions, you can see since 1997
Since the very beginning the Miracle Glaze focus has been to provide the best quality product based on what the customer wanted regardless of cost. We have continued to use the highest quality raw materials available to produce Miracle Glaze. Even though cost have risen due to inflation and other market forces, we have avoided using expanders and cheap chemicals to reduce cost. Our motto will always be …. “we sell what we would use  and buy” this philosophy is why you can be confident when you purchase the Miracle Glaze brand.’
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In the past tire dressing needed to be wiped af-ter it was sprayed to prevent sling-off, leaving behind a greasy mess on painted surfaces. Re-luctantly, the more popular formulations warn that this residue may permanently damage the cars paint system. Instead of being innovative, tire dressing companies became complacent, relying heavily upon the jitter-buzz factor to sell their products. Now, you can finally enjoy all the benefits of a premium spray on tire dressing without slinging or running and most impor-tantly…it doesn’t need to be wiped after spray-ing. 


Water resistanceMiracle Glaze is formulated to become a part of the tire. This factor causes it not to wash off in water or light rain.

UV & Ozone protectionUV rays and Ozone are the two main degradants for rubber. These ecological necessary forces in our atmosphere cause dry-rot, cracking and dam-age to all exposed surfaces of your vehicle. Miracle Glaze has a SPF that is above standards, and may increase tire life.

Detergent resistanceThe proprietary polymer blend in Miracle Glaze is designed to act like a solid, therefore it creates a barrier. This barrier catches the dirt, therefore detergent removes very little of the tire dressing.

No wipingMiracle Glaze is oxygen activated, and be-comes a solid upon making contact with the tire. This new technology eliminates the need for wiping.

No slingMiracle Glaze is formulated to be apart of the tire. This new technology allows Miracle Glaze to bond to the tire surface like no other product on the market, there-fore preventing the likelihood for the material to sling off.

Why Miracle Glaze was created

Car tires need help remaining flexible, and resistant to UV light, and Ozone; the two main degradants for
rubber. These necessary forces can and will make tires less safe over time. The products being offered by
manufacturers to provide protection caused many post application problems for DIY’s. The number one
complaint “slinging” and number two “wiping”. We knew we had our hands full, but instead of trying to shove another product down the consumers throat with a slick marketing campaign; we decided to work backwards and develop a product that did what the customer said they wanted for a change. It was a bold idea at the time, and people said it couldn’t be done, but we worked until we got it right. Know assuredly that Miracle Glaze is a premium quality dressing using only the best raw material. No cheap fluids or additives.

Competitive Advantages

Miracle Glaze has been demonstrated on TV and at Car shows around the country for over two decades and is proven to work as advertised. The Miracle Glaze brand is well known among car enthusiast, and car lovers. The spray and walk away benefit of Miracle Glaze is often claimed by our competition, but seldom delivered.